Your first task is accept the invitation from wikispaces and take note of our class wikispaces url address: Next, establish a "new page" and call it your first name+topic. It should appear in the menu bar to the left.

Then, you need to conduct just research today. Get familiar with the basics of your topic. Produce notes on your topic - typed and bulleted. Mrs. Brooks has put together a link to Civil War research on the MS Library website.

Also, you need to think of at least six sub-categories about your topic. This will look similar to the layout of a traditional wikipedia page. Style is important with this project. For each sub heading, remember to make it a font style other than "normal". There are different heading and font styles you can chose from. You need to either attached your notes (word document) or link your notes (if you used google documents). This attachment or link should be found at the bottom of your wiki.
Homework summary:
  1. Think/create 6 sub categories and put them on your wikispace (no paper)
  2. Complete notes on one of those categories and attached or link notes (no paper)